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The New Way to Buy Band Saw Blades

Qsaw Logo BigThe best of both worlds, German Quality while made with American labor. Haltbar is a premium bi-metal band saw blade. Designed in Germany and made in the USA. sold by

The German tooth design makes it far more tough and more wear-resistant than other blades. Simply put; We are better than our competition. M42 high speed steel tooth edges provide superior wear and heat and shock resistance. Special German tooth geometry with positive rake is an excellent backer providing one of the most fatigue resistance backers in the industry.

Haltbar Band Saw Blades were designed for companies that require production, yet still have to look at the bottom line – a company like yours.

Reinvent the way you purchase band saw blades! offers quality band saw blades at affordable prices. Over the past several years, our online business model company has become the top distributor and supplier of saw blades over the web. We carry our own private labeled brand named Haltbar Sagen. These bands are designed and engineered in Germany and welded to length in our US weld centers. With the best prices on the market, we are guaranteed to compete with Amada, Lenox, Starrett, Simonds and several other band saw blade manufacturers.

Visit and choose from our selection of carbon, bi-metal, and carbide tipped blades. We have made them available at different lengths, widths, and tooth pitch selections to fit any cutting applications from woods, plastics, to production cutting of steels and alloys. Give us a call at (800) 754-6920 and save up to 30% on every band saw blade purchase.

Featuring our Q601 Series M42 Band Saw Blade cutting a Range Rover engine block.